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Hey. We're StyleGuru, a collective of personal stylists in NYC.

Our style transformations help guys like you become more attractive men.

But at over $100 an hour, not everyone can afford such a premium service.

We ran some numbers and found that if we worked online you could get style sessions with us once a week for just $45 a month.

Learn more about signing up for your first style session below.

Upgrade Your Style

We know that fashion can be confusing. It's a world full of conflicting brands, trends, styles, and fits that are different for everyone.

We made StyleGuru as a shortcut to dress your best without needing to spend thousands of hours on it. The new confidence you'll have in the look and fit of your new outfits will transform the way you carry yourself.

The details will be tailored to you, but in general, our style sessions have three elements:

  1. Meet your stylist by video to get to know one another and discuss your goals.
  2. Your stylist will craft a solid plan to get you moving forward.
  3. Meet once a week and start improving your wardrobe.

What Our Members Are Saying

I've always wanted to dress better. I tried reading GQ but it never made a difference. The personal stylists on StyleGuru really guided me toward making my own style.

Mike Fusaro
Account Executive, B2A Advertising
San Francisco

StyleGuru changed my life. My friends, family, and colleagues have all noticed - and given compliments on my new looks.

Greg Anderson
Software Engineer, Google
New York

StyleGuru is awesome. I'll text my stylist when I'm out shopping and send pictures from the dressing room. She gives me advice about fit, what looks good on me, and ideas of new things to try on.

Ravi Patel
MBA Student, Washington University

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